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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its the combination of art, science & math used to create informative & helpful content for your readers to be discovered in the search engine results pages (mainly Google). Beginners are encouraged to read this SEO starter guide directly from Google itself. explains exactly how SEO works and the different forms of optimization including both critical elements of on page SEO and off page search engine optimization.

Latest SEO Tips

SEO Keywords

Think about content in terms of keyword stories. You want to create rich, engaging and relevant content based around keyword queries that users tend to search for in Google.

You want to develop engaging content and one way to do this is with telling stories. A story can be any informative piece of content from product reviews to travel blog tips and tricks. Create something useful and helpful to your website’s readers.

Do solid extensive keyword research using Google’s Keyword Tool or Ahrefs’ keyword tool. Find monetizable search terms with a minimum of 500+ per month Google searches and develop stories based around these related keyword searches that people are looking for on Google.

Sharing brand stories on social media is just one small aspect of the greater search engine optimization challenge websites are faced with by Google’s complex search engine algorithms.

SEO Expert | is an SEO strategy experts resource. I’ve been working in the search engine optimization field double time for 21 years and counting now. Here I share my digital marketing experience, SEO knowledge and expert search marketing tips.

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LOCAL SEO is where the bread and butter lies for many small businesses and mom and pop online retailers. Subscribe to for local search engine optimization (Local SEO) news, tips, conferences and search engine events.

SEO Consulting & Search Engine Optimization: SEM, SMO, SMM & DCM (digital content management). Learn about all kinds of search marketing from affiliate to digital.

On Page SEO Services SEO services include on page SEO strategy and creating an organic SEO Blueprint plan, implementation & execution of long-tail seo and branded digital content for your company’s organic search presence.

Hire me to improve your organic search traffic today. I’ll custom tailor the perfect architectural SEO blueprint custom fit based on your site’s organic state & needs that need to be met.

Expert search engine optimization from 21 years of SEO grind.

Most search marketing optimization services offer cookie cutter SEO packages.

Don’t buy those because they will hurt your website’s organic traffic/rankings/SERP positions.

What your website needs to reach top 5 rankings is different than what my site needs to achieve top 5 positions in Google search and its even different than what your competitors site’s need.

Understanding the subtle but key distinguishing factors that influence a company or website’s organic search engine traffic flows is not something most digital marketers fully yet understand in 2021.

That will likely be reversed by 2022 as there’s a mad rush of 20’s somethings studying digital marketing and the field is expanding rapidly.

I’ll do an in-depth SEO analysis of your organic footprint and utilize hidden gems from all points international to firmly establish your website / company’s organic traffic flows.

Unlike PPC Search Engine Marketing, you don’t have to pay for organic search traffic from website / video / digital content rankings achieved in the serps.

When we help you get your company ranked better in search engine results pages, you’ll strike digital gold!