27 SEO Tips for Improving Organic Search Rankings

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SEO Tips

Get 27 original SEO TIPS from Benjamin Ogden – a master SEO specialist of 20 plus years.

Professional, knowledgeable, in-depth, detailed and comprehensive SEO consulting for your website optimization needs.

Follow these simple and easy to learn search engine optimization tips for ranking better in Google and Bing search engines.

Obtaining higher ranking in the Google organic search engine results pages (SERPs) is an achievable goal you can reach by following these 27 SEO tips for 2020.

Learn what is SEO optimization and how to correctly optimize your website footprint for receiving maximum organic search engine traffic in 2020-2021.

SEO Tips
Search Engine Optimization Tips by Benjamin Ogden with SEO Best Practices for On Page and Off Page SEO. Image Source: BenjaminOgden.com
  1. Keyword Domains are NOT out of style. Score yourself a .com with 1-2 main high volume / high value keywords in the domain name.
  2. Reddit SEO + Google Search = Search Engine Rankings BOOM!
  3. Use text COLOR to make pages easier to read/scan.
  4. Highlight important keywords using different colored text & different colored backgrounds to convey different meanings / feelings / intentions.
  5. When adding image media content to your website be sure to assign BOTH image ALT text and image TITLE text for all of your hosted images.
  6. Build a brand. Ask yourself, what does a major industry brand look like? Analyze the biggest and most recognized brands in your industry and identify gaps that need to be filled for your brand.
  7. Build your author profile’s authority and reputation by contributing solid informative content across reputable content distribution and social news sites such as medium.com and hackernoon.com.
  8. Leverage the power of WordPress CMS. Build engaging & interactive website user experience with powerful WordPress plugins.
  9. Give RankMath a try for managing your on page SEO scoring. It takes a different approach than Yoast’s WP SEO plugin does and RankMath will help you to build better quality web pages optimized for feeding search engines authority content. RankMath is an invaluable search engine optimization plugin for scoring high on page SEO ranking factors.
  10. Add a “questions” plugin to allow for users to create organic long-tail search, mobile search optimization and voice search optimization web pages.
  11. GMB! Site owners, search engine optimization specialists for enterprise clients, independent optimizers, SEO consultants & SEO agencies MUST harness the power of Google My Business listings to gain maximum exposure in the local search markets. Drive customer engagement on your website for free with the help of Google My Business.
  12. Target a niche market first within your broader market. Establish your website’s authority on your niche topic and gain natural back-links on your niche topic’s authoritativeness.
  13. Identify search engine optimization arbitrage opportunities by conducting thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to spot high volume / low competition keywords to target. For example, even though BenjaminOgden.com is a newer internet source for SEO tips and expert SEO/SEM strategy advice, it already ranks highly in Google and Bing for “managed SEO services” as I’ve developed an original & useful top web resource for this niche market within the broader SEO services marketplace.
  14. Build, design and think mobile first. More than 60% of web users now access their content via mobile smartphone devices and mobile tablets like the iPad. This number is only increasing so creating an optimal user experience on mobile phones is paramount to a successful SEO campaign.
  15. Link to authority sites with helpful on topic content for your readers that answers people’s questions or gives users an ultimate solution and/or utility to solve their needs. Google looks closely at what sites your website links to just as they look closely what sites are linking to your site.
  16. Don’t forget to cover the basics for establishing positive E.A.T. scores for your website. This means creating an “About Us” page, a “Contact” page, multiple contact emails for contacting different business departments @yourdomainname.com, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Site Terms and Conditions, etc.
  17. Be comprehensive and concise. This is much easier said than done, however, those who master this will surely see the value in this simple yet extremely powerful and effective SEO TIP.
  18. Capture website visitors’ emails by offering them cool & fun stuff they want and can use such as free newsletters, free coupon codes, weekly news updates, breaking industry news, etc. Use an email management software such as OptinMonster to actively reach out to your readership and invite them back to your site with enticing, on topic, must view content.
  19. Social Media Marketing (SMM) needs to play a key and active role in your content distribution schedule and social media reach. Every new post and every new page, every new media uploaded, every new product for sale, etc… they all need to be shared with appropriate #hashtags on all major social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest for example.
  20. Created unique branded media by incorporating your website logo into on topic images and be sure to name your media files with keywords & hyphens in the file names such as “keywords-and-hyphens-in-file-names.jpg”. Upload multiple media items/files for every page plus be sure to include a featured image for optimal search engine optimization architecture of each web page.
  21. Send out syndicated press release articles for major website notices & events such as a new website launch, new site features and new user experiences to share across the major media outlets. Include one link to your website’s home page and also include one link to your press release’s highlighted topic web page for proper web citation.
  22. Join industry forums and participate with related community websites and social media communities to get your website, message and brand front-and-center before consumers. Build up your brand profile locally & globally, create informative descriptions explaining how your site benefits its users and how it creates a meaningful user experience.
  23. Become a regular news contributor in your field and be a guest blog author on authoritative industry journals and post quality, engaging content on popular on topic blogs.
  24. Get your website listed in Google News. Google features recent news results from approved Google news providers in the search engine results pages (SERPs). These Google News SERP listings not only bring in organic search traffic to your web site, they also serve as an excellent source for natural, organic, white hat back links to your website / company / brand / product / event. When you write good quality information that meets your readers needs then other people will naturally link to your page because its so useful to their own readers.
  25. Stay ahead of competitors by leveraging powerful SEO tools from SE giants like Ahrefs, SEMrush and MOZ. Capture web analytics to maximize conversions, reduce bounce rates and increase user engagement on your site.
  26. Read the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Then read them again, multiple times until you’ve memorized big G’s guidelines because they’re going to become your SEO life line for proper search engine optimization structure.

Conclusion: 27 Actionable SEO Tips to Improve Organic Search Rankings

On BenjaminOgden.com I provide one-on-one search engine optimization consulting in addition to blogging about SEO tips based on twenty-plus years of full time optimizing grind. These twenty-seven optimization tips will help boost your website’s natural organic SERP rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines