Benjamin Ogden – SEO Expert Since 2001

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Benjamin Ogden - Seo Expert Since 2001

Benjamin Ogden Expert SEO Services

Welcome to

My name as you’ve already figured out is Benjamin Ogden.

I started working full time in search engine optimization (SEO) since 2001.

I’ve lived with every search engine algorithm update and more for the last two decades.

When I started my SEO work I was fortunate to nail multiple top 10 listings on Yahoo and Alta Vista for highly coveted & extremely competitive search terms like “best online casinos” and “online gambling” for example.

Google was up an running but they weren’t the major search engine giant that they are today for which we rely on finding everything on the world wide web.

Within months I was killing it in search and getting loads of targeted organic search traffic.

As with all things, they some day come to an end.

One day I woke up, all of my search rankings were gone.

I had used some pretty over the top architectural structure for website site navigation.

There were maybe 10 sites in this casino network at the time in 2001.

Long story short, the websites were interlinked to aggressively and I learned some important things not to do with that first algorithm update.

This process repeated itself countless times over the next two decades.

With each search algorithm update I learned more about what SEO strategies are working and what SEO tactics no longer are working and why.

In 2001, there weren’t many great SEO resources like there are today.

So for the most part, my understanding of search engine optimization was self taught and came naturally as I have a gifted mind for pattern analysis which happens to come in extremely handy when analyzing search data & creating a search engine marketing campaign blueprint.

However, in my first year I learned the SEO basics from, so I feel its right to give Bruce Clay credit for helping me learn the fundamentals of SEO in my early search engine optimization studies back in 2001.

What changed in Google’s latest search engine algorithm update?

Benjamin Ogden Search Engine Optimization Services - SEO Service
I’ve LIVED SEO for 20 years strong and counting. Let me help your business achieve targeted natural organic search traffic.

Understanding this evolution of Search Engine Optimization gives me inherent & intuitive understandings that I employ in my SEO work I’m still evolving with today in 2020.

Part of my SEO evolution currently taking place in 2020 is the creation of

After 20 years of doing SEO exclusively for my own websites that I own and develop such as, & for example, I now own hundreds of live websites and thousands of premium .com domain names accumulated over twenty years time in the digital marketing business.

Until now, I didn’t have a website about search engine optimization or about myself. is the perfect project where I’ll teach people my search optimization techniques with free articles, tools, tips and useful content for learning SEO 101.

Search Engine Optimization Service

On this website, I’m starting to offer my SEO services to the public for the first time with on page search engine optimization, off page search engine optimization, and complete website/company search, social, local and brand analysis.

You would be very surprised at how the art of on page SEO can significantly impact your rankings.

On Page SEO
Learn on page seo strategy & on page search engine optimization techniques delivering the best serp results on

The same is also true with off page search engine optimization as off page seo can be even more critical than on page SEO in many regards, not taking anything away from the importance of proper On Page Search Engine Optimization (On Page SEO formatting, content quality, user engagement, Keyword optimization[don’t overkill when you optimize your website’s fresh new content])

My passion for internet technology is and always has been fueled by the idea of how to use computing technology to accomplish good things for humanity.

On I will be making useful tools for people to utilize for search engine marketing so I can help others to improve their natural organic search engine traffic for highly targeted/high conversion search terms.

I’m proud to have done some great work closely with Unicef, American Red Cross, NOLA, Habitat for Humanity in my younger years before my hiatus. I’ll get into that bit on the hiatus later on at some point soon .. ..

These are just some of the charities that I was able to create positions for them as benefactors of my early online marketing success.

You can get a better understanding of how I want to use technology to make the world a better place in my one love philosophy I wrote on my baby site (2nd child)

Benjamin Ogden, SEO Expert Since 2001

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