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Managed SEO Service – All in one digital marketing agency for SEO/SEM/SMM.

fixed price projects

fixed price projects

fixed price projects

Managed SEO

What is managed search engine optimization?

I provide a 100% managed SEO service for websites, small businesses, online stores and enterprise clients. On SEO Agency we offer a full service, white glove managed search engine optimization service to meet your specific needs.

You simply provide me with the website URL, target audience demographics and fresh new content to share across your social media channels. I identify key blog outlets with proper press release distribution channels to all the major media news outlets.

I will first evaluate your industry specific SERPS / current leaders positioning and identify the best practices for social media marketing for SEO in your industry’s specific market-space. provides our readers and visitors with unparalleled managed search engine optimization experience and intricate & detailed knowledge based on the last 20 years of SEO history.

As you probably picked up from the hints in the header image, the Managed SEO service prices for are fixed.

I believe a fixed price is the best way to provide my managed seo services with reliability at scale while maintaining high levels of user engagement and return.

For $2,000/month I will custom tailor your website’s much needed SEO overhaul over the next 12 months and present a go-to-market digital marketing expert strategy plan that will make your organic traffic BOOM.

Managed SEO packages are billed 6 months at a time

Trust me, there is a major search engine optimization overhaul needed for your company’s / website / online presence / store.

Unless your site is an Ahrefs or SemRush type of authority website that is constantly on the latest edge than there’s plenty of room to improve for all of our websites, included too!

In addition to off page search engine optimization efforts such as branding and link building, on page optimization and website user experience optimization are equally critical to a successful managed SEO campaign.

Creating the optimal search marketing blueprints takes precision SEO architecture and deep knowledge of all matters of website optimization.

This begins with creating a friction-less service that aides web developers in search of reliable and effective online SEO marketing services. Benjamin Ogden’s managed search engine optimization plans have delivered websites proven results time and again over two decades of major search algorithm updates.

Managed SEO Services
Hire professional managed SEO services on and start taking control of your organic search engine presence.

BenjaminOgden Managed SEO Services

I’ve created managed optimization services to provides businesses with an affordable search & digital marketing strategy with flawless content management routines. The complete search engine optimization strategy & execution will be delivered to you in a shiny monthly SEO report with key performance search statistics and web analytics metrics so you can monitor and measure improvements every month.

I like to run all campaigns for at least one year because proper SEO marketing strategy takes time to propagate throughout the entire process to secure top SERPS.

They require dedicated content research and investment capital directed into technical SEO development of the website.

I will be your digital marketing team’s lead on all things related to search marketing and digital marketing.

I’ll provide your marketing teams (or yourself) with the truly key matters that are most often those unknown factors of a particular site’s success in Google Serps every month so we don’t miss a beat!

My unequaled SEO/SEM knowledge and real life 20 years of SEO experience puts me in a unique place with a complete search engine marketing optimization understanding & unique expert SEO strategy that’s very rare to come across in ordinary business life of swiping and maintaining social distance.

SEO is like one big test.

He who answers most correctly shall be the #1 result, period.

FWIW: I was always registered in the 99.9th percentile on most every test I’ve taken.

About Benjamin Ogden SEO Strategy Expert

I started building my very first casino SEO websites in 2001. Funny domains like,,,,,,, all achieved #1 rankings for periods lasting longer than a year for each site (with the exception of Casino Winners Network).

Some domains I still own and others like and I sold those domains years ago.

The once world famous Monkey Slots slot game website I put a landing page up on recently.

I’ve been thinking of bringing life back into good old MonkeySlots website with a brand new Monkey Slots Mobile Slots App.

Those early web sites in my first 13 years in the casino advertising industry I made some serious BANK!

But… The sites had flaws and didn’t last.

I will point you to the best SEO tools for complete all-in-one digital marketing tool and social media marketing automated solutions from BenjaminOgden.

The technology was weak and the website’s search engine optimization footprints we’re also relatively weak. was a real interesting website I acquired (I still own the domain today), however the hey-day of #1 SERPS was probably sometime around 2009-2010 I’m guestimating on that exact date’s figure.

I paid $1,500 for Circa 2007-2008 and over the next 4-5 years I made a couple million dollars from marketing advertising sales on my investment.

That was an amazing SEO investment that I made mid way into my $15 million MONSTER affiliate advertising run up from 2001-2013!

However, as good as the deal was in terms of profitability, was an even sweeter deal than Monkey Slots was, as hard to believe as that is.

For Online Casino Suite, I also payed $1,500 for the domain and website content.

However, the estimated earnings from’s lifetime are over 6 million dollars.

I earned that from a $1,500 search engine optimization investment.

I was/am the true original online gambling SEO master GOAT from my first decade of works building the web’s original online casino search engine optimization empire.

When you hire me, you’re hiring that same wise & astute investor that’s today even wiser in my older years.

I know how to invest in SEO and get a high ROI.

Leverage my search optimization experience to skyrocket your organic search engine traffic right away!

That net translates to overall profits for your growing search marketing business.

These day’s the marketplace is infinitely more competitive. Likewise, the amount required to invest in quality search engine optimization services has gone up significantly.

For $2,000 per month my managed seo service handles everything for you and helps boost your organic search rankings by improving its organic search footprint.