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Benjamin Ogden

Hello there, I’m Benjamin.

I started working as a search engine optimizer full time in 2001 and have been doing SEO for my own websites ever since.

If we looked at search engine rankings like we do a musician’s albums sales, then like Jay Z I crushed Elvis in his blue suede shoes and blew past the Beatles in terms of #1 hit websites I’ve created over the past 22 years.

This is the website ( where I finally share all that I’ve learned for those seeking search engine optimization wisdom and professional guidance in the SEO/SEM & Digital Marketing online advertising markets.

Read my latest SEO strategy articles and current search engine optimization & internet technology news you don’t want to miss in my digital marketing blog. You can also find me blogging about recent Google search ranking updates and the latest AI tools and artificial intelligence developments on Medium.

Benjamin Ogden Search Engine Optimization Services - SEO Service
SEO Expert Since 2001 | Benjamin Ogden

Digital marketers have no shortage of useful search engine optimization tools to use these days to improve both on-page and off-page seo for your website. The total digital marketing marketplace advertising spend is expected to reach $278.59 billion dollars in 2023 according to

Needless to say, the total size of online digital advertising is massive and its showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

I back remember when was about the only legit game in SEO town just about. Bruce Clay’s agency site was the first website I started learning about search engine optimization about way back in 2001.

Learn about big name Optimization powerhouse websites and SEO wordPress plugins websites & web apps like Ahrefs, Moz and SemRush, modern AI search learning systems & tools for search engine optimization and automated digital marketing with AI that are actually machine learning systems in their infancy still.

Online marketers have an abundance of top quality SEO analytics and keyword research tools.

Even big-timer offers website creators and WordPress webmasters an essential Google SEO starter guide that’s a must read for anyone seriously working on creating a search marketing business in today’s marketplace.

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Since there’s no shortage of top quality search engine optimization data analysis and SEO tools available on the web, I’m focusing the content on geared around high level expert SEO strategies that I’ve formulated myself over these last 22+ years of full time working daily that search engine optimization grind or die lifestyle.

Its an actually essential skill set to be successful in today’s highly competitive & lucrative search engine optimization market.

If you’re not working harder than everyone else in your competitive SERPs marketplace than ultimately you’re just becoming part of search engine update history. If you are looking for an experienced search engine optimizer I now provide a custom tailored SEO service to help ecommerce websites, blogs, small businesses and social media influencers to reach their search marketing goals.

Don’t get left behind in 2023 – you’ve got to have an omnichannel strategy in today’s world!

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