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Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program
How the Walmart affiliate program payouts work. Affiliate Information

Walmart Affiliate Program Review has an affiliate program for performance marketing that pays commissions on eligible purchases made on the website.

Many of the internet’s largest technology and media brands are also hugely successful Walmart affiliates. The marketing program offers generous affiliate payouts ranging from one percent to four percent of qualifying sales.

Sign up for the Walmart affiliate program online at

Digital marketing experts, affiliate marketing masters and SEO gurus can earn good money by working with Walmart’s affiliate program and promoting their products/ads online.

I says experts, masters and gurus because the ecommerce market is massive and therefore the online shopping marketplace is lucrative & highly competitive. These traits make ecommerce SEO for high demand terms incredibly difficult to rank for because the quality of the competition filed is so high.

Also, while I have to wonder WHO hasn’t ALREADY shopped with before, its good that their affiliate tracking cookies last for three days so older referrals won’t get credit for your fresh referral purchase made on

How much does Walmart affiliate program payout to Walmart affiliates?

Walmart Affiliates Program

What I like most about the Walmart affiliate program payouts are the commissions.

Earn from 1% to 4% of a sale depending on the item(s) purchased from

Affiliate tracking links cookies set from your website visitors last for three days.

$10 flat CPA commissions are paid for postpaid Walmart mobile purchases made online on the official website.

4% affiliate payouts are available on select Walmart shopping categories including but not limited to Toys, Stationary, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Pets and Supplies, Beauty, Menswear, Shoes, Intimate Apparel, Accessories & Jewelry.

Walmart Affiliate Program Payout Information

Walmart Affiliate Program Payout
Screenshot of Walmart payout commission rates for affiliates.

With the exception of SKU exclusions and certain categories which have a 0% commission, most other purchases made by visitors you sent from your website and/or web app to using an affiliate tracking link will payout affiliates from 1% on all qualifying purchases, 3% of the sale amount for one hour photo, 4% of the sale amount for items purchased in the following categories: 07 Toys, 08 Stationary, 09 Sporting Goods, 10 Automotive, 11 Hardware and Tools, 12 Do it Yourself, 16 Patio and Garden, 56 Horticulture, 02 Personal Care, 08 Pets and Supplies, 48 Beauty, 23 Menswear, 26 Infant Apparel, 24 Boys Wear, 33 Girls Wear, 25 Shoes, 29 Intimate Apparel, 34 Ladies Apparel, 37 Accessories, 32 Jewelry.

These high payout categories mentioned above are where the high profit margin items are available to affiliate marketers.

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