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Major Google Core Search Algorithm Update is Finally Here! (I Think…)

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I’ve been doing SEO for far longer than most people as I started doing it full time back in 2001.

I’ve got a 6th sense for it.

Lately I’ve been watching the search engine results pages (SERPs) like a hawk daily & manually with this sense of a major Google algorithm search update is coming.

I’ve even the search engine results pages “dancing” some like they did way back when in the days of the Google dance.

Historically a big change as we roll into the holidays almost always shakes up the SEO community each year. Note *Always, but in most years this has been the case looking back over the last 20+ years of Google core algorithm updates.

Some of my sites are showing major changes in their SERPs and it looks to me like this big one for 2020 is finally arriving intermittently on a number of searches I’ve been regularly checking on.

I’m curious to know what you think.

Do you see any changing in your SERP rankings fluctuating at the moment?

I can’t call it for sure 100% yet, but I’m feeling strong enough to blog about it.

Good luck to all and here’s to hoping to a Return of the Google Dance.

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